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The Remodeling Process
Tim Englert Construction
The Remodeling Process
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What to Expect during the Remodeling Process

Proper Planning & Upfront Communication Produce the Best Remodeling Results
The planning stage is key to customer satisfaction. During an in-depth conversation with you, the Tim Englert Construction team identifies your goals and needs. It’s also at this stage that we identify the best approach to any challenges the project may present.

The more information we have at the planning stage, the better. We need to know about your lifestyle, your plans for the new space, and your likes and dislikes. At this stage, you should feel free to bring pictures from magazines, a list of questions, as well as any samples of materials. All of these things help us get a better feel for your goals.

Good planning means we identify the project scope of work. The Tim Englert Construction team will review factors as diverse as the location of load bearing walls, plumbing, ductwork, and wiring. We will even advise you regarding how the direction of daily sunlight affects your newly remodeled space.

After our in-depth planning conference with you, our in-house design team plans your renovation in detail, taking into account the way your home is built and the goals you have set.

Since 1975, Tim Englert Construction has successfully completed hundreds of remodeling projects. We can quickly identify not just a solution, but the very best way of meeting your needs.

Good Planning Means Accurate Quotes
We know it’s important to you to have accurate costs. It’s important to us too. Because we plan so thoroughly, we typically see few surprises and are able to complete our projects on time and on budget.

A Design Development Process that Saves You Money
An added benefit Tim Englert Construction, Inc. (TECI) provides is our ability to offer you design assistance. You can save substantial sums because of this service. By doing our own design work, we can manage your project to control your costs from the very beginning.

The Pre-Construction Conference Sets the Stage
Just before the start of your project TECI will meet with you for a pre-construction conference. Here, we describe the path the work will take and the time to completion.  We’ll learn what we need to know about your lifestyle so we can keep you as comfortable as possible during construction. The TECI team makes every effort to minimize disturbances that construction may cause.

Project Continuity & the Availability of an On-Site Professional
TECI will also assign an on-site certified lead carpenter to your project. This lead carpenter will oversee all work done at your home and will answer questions, guide the actual renovation work, and provide you with continuity throughout the project.

The Work Begins Before Construction Even Starts
Once we sign a contract, TECI will begin preparing for your project by securing building permits, ordering materials, and setting up schedules.

This is also the time you will make product selections.

As TECI advises you about scheduling, you will start moving furniture, removing fragile items from walls and putting all valuables away for safekeeping. This is also a good time to sit down and talk about how the construction will change family life and daily routines – everything from traffic flow in and out of the house, to alternative plans for preparing and eating meals if the kitchen is being renovated.

Prepare yourself and your family for the events in the coming weeks of construction. It’s normal to undergo mood swings - from the thrill of anticipation to the reality of the dust, noise and temporary inconvenience needed to accomplish your goal. Keep your goal in mind and know that TECI will keep the construction process moving toward making it a reality.

The Construction Phase Begins
It’s time to get started. Depending on the size and scope of your project, home remodeling can take anywhere from a few weeks to months of work. You should be able to count on daily updates from your lead carpenter/project manager. Workers are expected to take the time to clean up the work areas and their tools at the close of each day. The TECI team will always show respect for the fact that the work area is your home and we need to keep it as clean as possible.

The Tim Englert Construction Team is Available & Accessible during Construction
In addition to your on-site lead carpenter, you also have access to Tim Englert Construction’s fulltime office staff. Located in Wadsworth, Ohio, our office staff is well trained and ready to help you whenever the need arises. We believe in answering questions quickly and sharing information with our clients; this is part of what a good construction team does.

The Final Days of Construction Arrive
Finally, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now is the time for the post construction conference. You will need to look around the project and make sure everything is to your satisfaction and according to the terms of your contract. A list of items to repair or touch up will be written up – and we will address those items.

Once the Dust Settles
Now the fun begins - moving into your remodeled space, decorating, hosting your first party in your newly, improved home. But don’t forget to keep up with the maintenance of your new home. Be sure to read manufacturer’s instructions for new appliances, fixtures and products. Be familiar with manufacturers’ warranties. Address minor repairs promptly so they don’t become major headaches.

Tip: One good way to keep up with maintenance is to make a yearly calendar of regular chores. Include everything from cleaning gutters and replacing furnace filters to cleaning the chimney and changing the batteries in your smoke detector.

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